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For God So Loved the World

This setting of the familiar John 3:16-17 text is characterized by exceptional choral writing and beautiful harmonic colorings. Scored for SATB voices, with some divisi, and organ accompaniment, For God So Loved the World has an intensity of sound and emotion that is well matched to the intensity of the promise it represents.

Follow Me

Borrowing from two of the apostles, Lee Dengler sets the words of Jesus to His potential followers as He explains His ministry and the requirements of “followship.” Follow Me is written in Early American hymn style with open harmonies and a folk-like melody. The gradual building of layers of sound makes this three-part anthem sound more difficult than it is. The overlapping gesture of “Follow me…follow me…come and follow me…” is very effective.

Publisher's Code: D 5532

Gentle Voice

The still small voice that is the ministry of God’s Spirit in our hearts is compassionately presented in this Dengler masterpiece. Folk-like piano arranging and highly emotive part writing frame this tender message with utmost sensitivity. For communion, Lent or anytime. Wistful.

God Will Bless You

Publisher's Code: A 7086

Guests at His Table

Publisher's Code: 10/1008

Infant Hands, Holy Hands

There is an awesome sense of wonder contained in this tender lullaby. Gazing at the tiny hands of a newborn, we can’t begin to fathom the things they will one day accomplish. Gazing here at the hands of the baby Jesus, we know what those hands will do and how they will be afflicted for our sins. Infant Hands, Holy Hands is an incredibly moving anthem for a candlelight service, Christmas Eve communion, or the Sunday after Christmas. Beautiful.

Publishing Code: D5445

Jesus Changed My World

Publishing Code: A 6882

It Should Have Been Me

Created here is an anthem of singular impact and scope. The poignant text ponders Jesus's innocence, asks difficult questions, and encourages repentance and humility. Particularly meaningful during the Lenten season, this tender and memorable anthem may be used any time. An alternate English text is provided for the Kyrie if desired. This anthem is intimate and expressive and is sure to stir both listener and singer alike.

Jesus Is Near

Accessible to choirs of all sizes and ensembles; parts available for 3-4 octave handbells - The revoicing of Jesus Is Near! for SAB voices now makes this successful Palm Sunday anthem accessible to all choirs. Flowing in a fast 3/4, the waltz-like melody dances across each page. The text vividly recalls the sights, sounds, and feelings, both good and bad, which compose our image of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. The optional handbells add a sparkling crispness and an air of festivity. A change from the standard Palm Sunday processional, this is an exciting piece!

Publishing Code: A 6686

Jesus, Loving Shepard

Publishing Code: 10/1030

Love Is Born This Night

Description: Quiet and gentle, this has a lot of nice imagery. The music contains tight harmonies supported by an expressive melody and accompaniment. The text paints the manger scene "Mary gently holds her tiny boy. Joseph kneels before them, filled with joy. Ox and lamb behold the mystery. Earth and heaven meet this night."

Publisher: Shawnee Press
Code: A 7728
In Print: Yes

O Come to Him

Lee Dengler and Joseph Rojahn have penned what could easily become a new hymn. O Come to Him is a peaceful invitation to follow Christ and turn all of your troubles over to His care. Much repetition makes this anthem easy to learn, yet the constant layering of vocal textures and building of harmonies give this “simple” anthem a feeling of glory and grandeur.

O Magnum Mysterium

Lee Dengler’s setting of O Magnum Mysterium masterfully depicts the awesome wonder expressed in the text. A sense of “divine mystery” is heard and felt in this incredible mixture of close harmonies and dissonances, lush, open chords, and gently shifting meter. Exquisite!


The familiar Latin text Dona nobis pacem is set here with great beauty. This is a timeless piece so appropriate for the here and now. We are all praying for peace in the world. Lee Dengler’s exquisite vocal lines and masterful choral texturing combine to make this classic Latin prayer an anthem of thoughtful contemplation and soothing assurance. Pacem will help your congregation to express their prayer in a deep and moving way. The violin obbligato adds beauty and delicacy to this lovely composition.

Poverty Carol

Lee Dengler creates a gentle mood with this four-part a cappella arrangement of the Welsh carol, Poverty Carol. Lovely in its simplicity of both melody and text, Poverty Carol reiterates to us the fact that Jesus was of humble, lowly birth, and that it is the least of us who shall find favor in his service. This quiet, contemplative moment is useful for concert or worship.

Starry Skies

Gently impressionistic writing characterizes this tranquil choral tableau from the imaginations of Lee Dengler and J. Paul Williams. The writers tell the old, old story in a fresh new way, giving choirs everywhere something destined to become a Christmas classic. Listen for the perfect interweaving of Angels We Have Heard on High into the original material. Starry Skies is simply beautiful.

Things That Never Die

Description: An extraordinary text by Charles Dickens provides the inspiration for this excellent concert/festival work. "The pure, the bright, the beautiful that stirred our hearts in youth... the striving after better hopes; these things can never die." Now available for mixed, women's and men's choirs.

Upon a Sinner's Cross

Christ's passion on Golgotha is the center of this original Lenten anthem. It examines the two thieves that were crucified with our Lord. The beautiful vocal lines raise to a cry of "Kyrie Eleison" as God's perfect Son hangs there "Upon a guilty sinner's cross." This will prove to be an unforgettable musical experience for your Good Friday services.

We Remember You

Description: This nicely flowing communion anthem is highlighted by a sweet melody set in a hymn style. Optional congrregation and a soprano descant crown the final verse effectively. The choral parts include a mix of 2-part mixed and SATB lines, which make this easily learned in one rehearsal.

Worthy Is the Lamb

Unique colors and textures, a dramatic accompaniment, and an emotional text make for a passionate choral for Lent. Worthy Is the Lamb moves in and out of major, minor, and modal tonalities, with mournful, mysterious sounding verses and a majestic refrain. Very moving.